Rapid Loss, No Problem, and Suicidal Cop

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Rapid Loss put this show together for their tour kickoff, and if you haven’t heard Rapid Loss you’re surely missing out-these guys have skills, not to mention they’re awesome dudes as well.                                                                                                                  The Opening band was Suicidal Cop. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly hard the drummer played, you literally felt like he could break through the skins at any moment. Their frontman got the adrenaline flowing and bodies moving with his intense energy. They’re style of hardcore punk is drawn from many Influences including Black Flag, Youth of Today, 25 TA LIFE and many more.

Next up was No Problem and they stepped it up a notch with their frontman ploughing    down the crowd and getting in peoples faces-don’t take this the wrong way, the people enjoyed it and it’s definitely expected with a lineup as mad as this. No Problem brings back the old punk sound similar to The Replacements but with more raw power.

Rapid Loss made it worth sticking around. They opened up with ramped fury that ceased only when guitarist Kale Hegberg broke a string near the end of their set and I just have to mention the drummer again-Jesse Silkie-one of the fastest and most technical drummers I’ve ever seen in a local band; just watching him drum alone is pure magic. All in all in was one hell of a tour kick-off.


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