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From The Mountain Top

Coming from Mississauga Ontario, The Mountebank Band is a group of outstanding gentlemen that create a Folk sound of its own persuasion.  The first thing that stood out right away was their cover of Booker T. Washington White’s Fixin’ to Die Blues; in my opinion, it’s the best version I’ve heard, better than Dylan’s (What!!!) The Mountebank band also has got a clever wit which they demonstrate on the song ‘Country Cousin’.        Be sure to check these guys out and download their first batch of songs.











Get the rest here at BandCamp

Three Timers Sans AIDS

This is their third time on Noise Bread and for good reason. First off, they’re one of my favourite local bands and second they’ve just released a little two song EP called Dream Trap feel Alright. So what’s the big deal about two songs? Well I can tell you that you will find yourself listening to them time and time again, plus they’re free!











Another Awesome Release By Edmonton’s Twin Library

“Compact and filled with all the goodness that the low-fi sound has to offer, grit, creaks, and echos, Twin Library’s Softer Seasons will be a perfect addition to your summer listening.”

Should have posted this weeks ago. The first song opens up with a smooth fluidity hooking your ears on a line that drags you willingly through the rest of the album. It has a really warm analog tone to it which you would have to be crazy not to appreciate it.










This album has the Noise Bread seal of approval for sure.

Get it here: Softer Seasons

Rapid Loss, No Problem, and Suicidal Cop

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Rapid Loss put this show together for their tour kickoff, and if you haven’t heard Rapid Loss you’re surely missing out-these guys have skills, not to mention they’re awesome dudes as well.                                                                                                                  The Opening band was Suicidal Cop. The first thing I noticed was how incredibly hard the drummer played, you literally felt like he could break through the skins at any moment. Their frontman got the adrenaline flowing and bodies moving with his intense energy. They’re style of hardcore punk is drawn from many Influences including Black Flag, Youth of Today, 25 TA LIFE and many more.

Next up was No Problem and they stepped it up a notch with their frontman ploughing    down the crowd and getting in peoples faces-don’t take this the wrong way, the people enjoyed it and it’s definitely expected with a lineup as mad as this. No Problem brings back the old punk sound similar to The Replacements but with more raw power.

Rapid Loss made it worth sticking around. They opened up with ramped fury that ceased only when guitarist Kale Hegberg broke a string near the end of their set and I just have to mention the drummer again-Jesse Silkie-one of the fastest and most technical drummers I’ve ever seen in a local band; just watching him drum alone is pure magic. All in all in was one hell of a tour kick-off.

Our Second Successful Free Festival!

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Our second festival had a awesome line-up of local talent and people from all ages showed their enthusiasm. I called the event “The Fundraiser for Epileptic Frogs” after it was suggested it have a memorable name like first one “The Electric Sloth Festival” and as you might of Guessed, it was inspired by Flight of the Conchords.

The festival opened with Kyle from The Patterns laying down a unique form of raw blues whilst playing a kick drum and snare with his feet thrashing out heavy rhythms. Next up was Carl for Breakfast keeping things raw and loud playing their own blend of Punk Rock. Following was The Greys. This band brought back that old time blues musicianship you saw up until the 1970′s. Joel Bruneau stood up on his bass drum and continued to play as he worked his way around kit, Singer/Guitarist Arthur Bennell wowed the crowd with his guitar playing and soulful vocals, it was truly spectacular. The Greys played with an energy and passion that you rarely see these days.                                                                              Fire for Effect chilled things out after a lot of technical difficulties, and disputes got it together. Fiction Smiles really got things going mixing almost every genre under the sun to form an awesome style. Max Thomson-Kurz lyrics are something to pay close attention to and well as his guitar and vocal skills. The Left Behinds had a tough band to follow, but they came through and had the crowd moshing by the end. Just after TLBs set it began to rain but that didn’t stop people from dancing to Edmonton’s up and coming band  The Party Martyrs. They played an epic set that mixed true Punk Rock with Reggae and Funk. Unfortunately this was one of their last shows for a bit while their bass player Zacc goes to Victoria; but don’t worry they should be back and playing shows when the snow falls.    Headliners Kay There House Builder took the stage for one hell of a grand finale, they even got a homeless guy so stoked, he climbed up on the bandshell and was leaning over the edge rocking out and pouring beer inches away from Drew Baines-KTHB’s faithful bass player-but all in good fun, and no harm done.

Videos at Noise Bread Tv

Photos in order of appearance: Kyle from The Patterns, Carl For Breakfast, The Greys, Fire For Effect, Fiction Smiles, The Left Behinds, The Party Martyrs, Kay There House Builder

The Soulicitors, Politic Live, Souljah Fyah Live at On The Rocks

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This fine event was put on by New Music West; an organization dedicated to live music and festivals for the last two decades. They’ve featured artists such as The Flaming Lips, Frank Black, Matthew Good, Run DMC and many more.

The night started with locals The Soulicitors; strait reggae and funk of the sublime variety. I had I chance to meet up with these guys and they we’re all really nice dudes, Corey Burgess-thier percussion and keyboard player-saved my handy recorder when it got knocked over by the dancing mob during Politic lives set. Opening is always tough, but these guys had the crowd going by the middle of their performance and they played a lot of new material. They also work with Politic live and record tracks that they use in performances,which I found really cool to find out. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

Politic Live Featuring Oozee La and Manuela played a killer set infusing reggae, RnB, Hip Hop and Soul. Oozee La and Arlo Maverick were jumping up on the speakers and getting up close with the crowd, it was definitely something to see. Manuela joined in and added a whole other dynamic. These guys really know how to put on a show and get people moving.  True music coming strait from the soul, and out of the box. By the end of their last song, our spirits had been lifted and our musical appetites satisfied.                                     If you didn’t enjoy Politic Live with Oozee La and Manuela you must be insane.

Souljah Fyah closed the night with a spectacular set. Souljah Fire was named best reggae band in Western Canada and I couldn’t agree more. Singer/bassist Janaya Ellis captivated the crowd with her charisma and soulful voice.  All of the members come together perfectly to form one solid foundation, their sense of rhythm flawless, they’re not your carbon copy reggae band but truly unique and outside genres. I hope this band continues to make music for a long time.

Videos up on Noise Tv 

Live at The Wunderbar

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It rained all night, but that didn’t stop the people coming out to this show. The place was packed and the bands were met by soaking wet enthusiasm. Edmonton’s Sans Aids opened the show with a killer set reminiscent of early Pavement and even though they were 5 members short they still pulled it together.                                                                   Next up was Fiji Yakayito coming all the way from Victoria on there summer tour. These guys were definitely not short of energy, they played loud with the intensity of a hydrogen bomb, but like an explosion there set was short but powerful.                                               The headlining band was Human Cat also from victoria on their tour with Fiji Yakayito.       They played a gritty punk infused set with elements coming from everywhere. One major thing to note is that they had two bass players, you definitely don’t see that very often.  If you happened to stick around a little after the last band they had had a pretty sweet free style session over some instrumental tracks. Members from the crowd joined in with the bands, it was something to see.

If you missed it check out Noise Tv and the New volume of Noise Bread(coming soon)


We Are Scientists

Calgarys Great Marble is kicking up a storm with their July release Idiot Box. If you like Olivia Tremor Control you will definitely love these guys. But one thing that you won’t notice on the album, is that Great Marble has only two members, Mark Webber and Jon Sherman.










Get it FREE here: IDIOT BOX